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3rd January 2012

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OK. Credit needs to be given. Here is a little background of some of the ‘tools’ I use out in ‘shop’ [aka the open road].

Brita Water Bottle [Target]: Cheap bottle that I can take on the go, built in filter so that my water is purified. This has assisted in me ensuring that my water consumption has increased exponentially [yes, I know, it is just a bottle]. As a kid growing up with water bottles in soccer, this is a great [and safe] habit for myself to get back into.

Yurbuds []: Crazy, awesome earbuds. Yurbuds makes the guarantee that no matter how much you sweat, or how active you are, these bad boys will not fall out. Let me tell you something. I sweat like one fat, nasty…thing…and these bad boys are yet to fall out. I had gone through nearly three pairs of standard earbuds prior to these. Absolutely incredible, the music quality is pretty good, rather cheap, and they are a great fit [with additional sizes if you have the bigger ears…haha]. Mad props to Yurbuds for supplying me with this pair. They’re getting put to excellent use!

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