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4th March 2013



The fever is crazy.

What I thought to be a cold that turned into the flu has almost departed from me. At least I’m able to type on a computer. Compared to earlier today; that wouldn’t have happened. 

I’m thinking that I’ll be ready for work tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath on the subject. I’m not to whole food yet, still on Sprite and sweating like one crazy mother. 

Here’s to hoping the fever breaks soon!

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3rd March 2013


Sick Day


Here I am…

In bed…

At 4:30 in the afternoon.

I’m sick. I felt it a few days ago, pushed through work and hit the weekend. Yesterday, with a sore throat, no voice, and some draining I spent the day running around the area with my parents and girlfriend. It was a day removed from ‘life’ if you will.

Then I woke up today.


I feel awful. I sent a text to my girlfriend telling her I wouldn’t be at church this morning, popped some Ny-Quil and was out again. I woke up around 12:00 and had some lunch [two chicken, cheese, mustard, and whole grain wheat bread sandwiches], and again went to sleep. Four hours passed by like it was five minutes. I woke up in the late afternoon and I noticed the most unique aspect of being sick; my appetite.

I have been eating my weight in food. Realistically it feels like I have had food in days. I’ve torn through our apples, yogurt, cereal, rice, lemons, chicken, bread, and peanut butter so far today. My stomach is still growling, and I plan on wiping out the rest of the produce within the apartment.

I’m just hoping I’ll be ready to go tomorrow for work.

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2nd March 2013

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Fuck the scale.


Fuck the scale.

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1st March 2013

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27th February 2013

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Alright, so I tried the juicing detox program that my girlfriend insisted that we try.

We officially started this morning.

We officially ended this afternoon.

Detox or not, between the horrible taste [no surprise] and the complete lack of energy this is a huge no go in my book of health and fitness. Thankfully, and more importantly, my girlfriend agrees. We still enjoy the random juicer that was purchased on a whim last night, but not for mixing carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes together.

I told her; in hopes of slight motivation, that one can lose weight just by eating out less, trimming back on some bleached sugar, and actively working on…regularly.

Juicing need not apply.


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27th February 2013

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I have been super nervous about putting these up but since this is my personal blog I decided to go for it. These photos were taken today. Tomorrow I begin a juicing 3 day detox which is going to kick start a change in my boyfriend and I’s diet. I am excited to get started because I know it has many health benefits.

Plus, we tried one tonight and it was delish! Here is where I got the recipes.

This is exactly why I love her! Be sure to give my amazing, motivated girlfriend a follow and be sure to encourage her!

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27th February 2013

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Veggies for our 3 day detox!

I’m in day one and feel like death.


Veggies for our 3 day detox!

I’m in day one and feel like death.

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27th February 2013

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25th February 2013

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25th February 2013

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Make Your Own Alkaline Vitamin Water

Find yourself needing a vitamin boost?  

Click here, for complete recipe and directions of my five signature colour-free, sugar-free and bpa plastic free alkaline vitamin waters or get inspired to make your own combinations.  

  • Recovery - This vitamin water is ideal for recovery post-workout or after a large bout of physical activity.  Blackberries and Cherries aid in replenishing oxygen in the blood while pomegranate and glutamine help to restore and repair muscle tissue damage
  • C*Power - This vitamin water gives you a boost of anti-viral and anti-inflammatory vitamin C.  With natural citrus fruits and camu camu powder, c*power is ideal for boosting your immunity after an illness or just keeping your body empowered.  This is an excellent combination for weight loss
  • Stressless - This is my favourite combination, the blend of watermelon and rosemary is divine.  This vitamin water is ideal for helping you balance stress on a mental and physiological level.  With the addition of B vitamins, hydrating watermelon and calming rosemary this combination is best used during times of stress or intensity
  • Digest It - Excellent for aiding in digestion and stimulating the colon and digestive tract.  With the combination of pineapple’s digestive enzymes, soothing, cooling mint and warming ginger, stimulating lemongrass, immunizing lychee and probiotics this water will aid in internal balance
  • Detox - Purify your blood and body with this awesome vitamin water!  Detox is ideal for the morning after a night out or when you are cleansing.  Created with hydrating coconut water, and fresh cucumber, nutrient rich coconut meat, detoxifying milk thistle and anti-oxidant loaded raspberries and blueberries, this combination will cleanse your body from the inside out

It simple, cheap and easy way to get your vitamins in a delicious and hydrating way.

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